This Week in Misspelling

In my continuing effort to embarrass assist Chyron operators, may I present the following:

One would hope that someone responsible for putting presidential candidates’ names on the screen of a national news program would know how to spell those candidates’ names. Well, perhaps he/she was flummoxed by the fact that George Will was calling out Donald Trump.

The War on Pink-Haired Religion

If you’re a fan of pink hair and oversized nostrils, you’ve undoubtedly found yourself occasionally transfixed in a late-night television stupor by that mega-couple of Christian scams, Jan and Paul Crouch.

The Crouches have occasionally come under scrutiny over the years and have had brushes with scandals, both financial and sexual.  But a family squabble among the potential heirs to the TBN empire has triggered recent renewed attention to their finances and, in particular, to the tax-exempt status of their organization.

The New York Times delved into this juicy subject recently in a lengthy expose of the multi-million dollar empire that the two have built, focusing on their family dysfunction and on their questionable accounting practices.

Mr. and Mrs. Crouch have his-and-her mansions one street apart in a gated community here, provided by the network using viewer donations and tax-free earnings. But Mrs. Crouch, 74, rarely sleeps in the $5.6 million house with tennis court and pool. She mostly lives in a large company house near Orlando, Fla., where she runs a side business, the Holy Land Experience theme park. Mr. Crouch, 78, has an adjacent home there too, but rarely visits. Its occupant is often a security guard who doubles as Mrs. Crouch’s chauffeur.

The twin sets of luxury homes only hint at the high living enjoyed by the Crouches, inspirational television personalities whose multitudes of stations and satellite signals reach millions of worshipers across the globe. Almost since they started in the 1970s, the couple have been criticized for secrecy about their use of donations, which totaled $93 million in 2010.

The only confusion in all of this is how this duo has managed to get away with their scam for as long as they have.

Read the New York Times article:

Biden Endorses Marriage Equality

The Vice President, in an appearance on today’s Meet the Press, became the highest ranking U.S. official ever to have endorsed marriage quality. He described himself as “absolutely comfortable” with gay marriage.

The right wing is undoubtedly going to twist Biden’s words around and have a field day with this, but Biden describes the issue in the most understandable way possible.

Watch the clip from Meet the press:

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Nugent’s Tick Tick Boom

Once again, Ted Nugent provides further evidence of his instability in an interview aired today on CBS This Morning.  He first attempts to use the fact that he takes terminally ill kids on fishing trips as evidence that he’s a moderate, and then – out of nowhere – goes off on interviewer Jeff Glor, offering to “s*ck your c*ck” if Glor can find a screening process better than fishing trips with sick kids to determine whether he’s a moderate.  Nugent then seems to have a flicker of self-awareness and immediately has to re-establish his heterosexuality by offering to fuck Glor’s (female) producer.

Just the kind of guy you want walking around with loaded weapons.

Read about and watch the CBS interview here:

RIP: Jonathan Frid

I couldn’t let the opportunity pass to pay tribute to someone whose bizarre combination of elegance, brilliance, and tackiness kept me so preoccupied in my youth. Many was the day that afternoon papers got delivered to my customers much later than they should have, thanks to Barnabas Collins and the Dark Shadows gang.

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