Disappearing Mitt

If a presidential candidate gave your commencement speech, wouldn’t you think your college or university would be kind of proud?

That’s apparently not the case with Mitt Romney and Liberty University.  Four days after Mitt spoke to a crowd of 30,000, Liberty University has all but erased any evidence of  Romney’s appearance from their website.  Something tells me they’re kind of trying to distance themselves from someone whom they believe is a cult member.

Even prior to graduation day, their student newspaper was already unashamedly dismissing him because of his religion.  So, I guess it’s no real surprise that the photos of his speech have vanished faster than a dissident during Argentina’s Dirty War.

Of course, denial is nothing new to the GOP.  Today, Mitt Romney himself refused to mention the name of George W. Bush, referring to him repeatedly as Obama’s “predecessor.”  I guess if you get a four-word non-endorsement from the most recent Republican president, the feeling is mutual.