A Preview of Things to Come

The nutjobs on the “religious” right are coming out in full force. The age of reason apparently hasn’t reached this constituency yet.

Given the heat that the President’s endorsement of marriage equality is generating, we can expect more of this irrational, fact-free rhetoric coming from the right. The fear that the world is changing around them seems to have provoked Perkins and others to behave in even more absurd and backwards ways.

Fortunately, there are folks like Barney Frank who can approach subjects logically and rationally. Is it wrong for me to giggle when Barney Frank makes mincemeat out of Tony Perkins?

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If we’re lucky, Congressman Frank will be even more outspoken when he’s no longer in Congress. And if we’re really lucky, Tony Perkins and his kindred spirits will just go away.

The Dark Ages Live

The state that brought you the practice of burning witches at the stake has come up with something for the 21st century.  The practices in use at the Judge Rotenberg Center as part of “treatment” for autistic and other non-verbal children are downright barbaric.  Electric shocks are being administered as punishment and behavior modification.

The video below is graphic and disturbing.

There’s a petition effort underway to stop these practices.  Please read what Change.org has to say, and sign the petition: