Ain’t That Amercia

Oh, Mitt. You’re trying so hard. Yet you continue to fail. You continue to look completely disingenuous.

Now, you also look illiterate. At least, your technology is illiterate. Here’s a screenshot from your iPhone app:

Really. You can’t even get the name of the country right?

Wait a minute. What if you’re trying to appeal to illiterate voters, like that tea party crowd with the misspelled signs? It’s crazy but it JUST … MIGHT … WORK!!!!

This Week in Misspelling

In my continuing effort to embarrass assist Chyron operators, may I present the following:

One would hope that someone responsible for putting presidential candidates’ names on the screen of a national news program would know how to spell those candidates’ names. Well, perhaps he/she was flummoxed by the fact that George Will was calling out Donald Trump.

112th Congress: Lowered Expectations

The Sunlight Foundation released a study today that shed some light on the speaking ability of our members of Congress. It used standard measures of language complexity to identify, by individual and by party affiliation, which members of congress had the highest and lowest scores. Additionally, it compared those scores with the scores of 2005.

The infographic may be pretty but the results of the comparison are not:

A couple of notable points:

  • The lowest point on the chart in the infographic is in 2011, the first year that all the tea party freshmen took to the floor.
  • The overall grade score has gone down a full grade since 2005.
  • The bottom ten scores all belong to Republicans; eight of those ten lowest scores belong to first-term Republicans.
The complete results of the analysis are available at the Sunlight Foundation website.


Spelling Bitch

Go ahead. Call me a spelling bitch. Call me a grammar nazi. I don’t care.

People get paid lots of money to put stuff on TV. If they can’t spell, can’t they at least hire a proofreader?

I’m afraid I might be turning into one of those people who goes around with Sharpies and bottles of Liquid Paper fixing spelling and punctuation on menus and posters and store signs.

And my flatscreen is going to end up with little white streaks all over it.