Rumsfeld Bites the Dust

It’s all over but the laughing, now.

It’s astonishing, however, how cavalier Dubya was when he admitted — almost boasted — that he lied only a week earlier about Rumsfeld’s imminent departure because there was an election coming up. Pretty vile.

Well, at least he’s outta here. Good riddance, Don, you stubborn old coot. Don’t let the Pentagon door hit you in the ass on your way out.

Dead Peckerwood Society

So. Last week, Lester Maddox bit the big one. Then, Strom Thrumond kicked. If only Jesse Helms would finally take the dirt nap, we would have:

– the Dixie-crat trifecta

– the sweaty bigot triple crown

– the dead racist hat-trick

– the expired panel of peckerwood politicos

– the trio of deceased Trent Lott role models

Still waiting until that blessed day (Jesse’s last gasp) to dance in the street.